Children's Activity Week 2015

Snow in Semley During August!

No – worry not – we actually enjoyed good weather for this year’s Children’s Activity Week, based at Semley School. Each day started with prayers led by Reverend Richard Warhurst, our new Rector; and Anna, his wife, helped the children learn a new song – adding a verse each day. caw 2105But we did have snow – glitter really – that Nick Crump, our long-time model-maker friend incorporated into each of the winter-scene globes he - with other kind volunteers - helped all the children make (see photo below). It was quite a sight seeing nearly fifty lined up once completed, and they all went home with the children. caw 2105There was much, as usual, for the children to do: they prepared and baked a variety of savoury and sweet treats; enjoyed learning ‘circus skills’ with Geoff Gardner - another of our regular professional helpers; made models from junk, and a ‘mobile’ to take home; produced a lovely painting – true to this year’s water theme – which now hangs proudly in Semley Church (do visit and see); made clay items and threw pots on a wheel; took part in a variety of physical exercises, which included the ever-popular parachute games; and conducted several scientific experiments courtesy of the design team at Dyson.

Also in keeping with our water theme: the team from Tisbury Fire Station came along to demonstrate the various capabilities of their modern fire engine (I suspect local residents wondered that day why the sirens went off so much!); Duncan Forbes from Wessex Water talked about water treatment – both before and after it goes through us!; Trevor Sapey, from the Mary Rose Trust, told us all about the ship’s history and how she ended up being sunk; and Janet Fitzjohn gave an interesting talk on the work of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, otherwise known as the RNLI. caw 2105 1Last, but not least, Lizzie Bryant – another of our regular, professional helpers – helped each child make a powered boat, mainly out of polystyrene, lolly sticks and elastic bands (see photograph on the left) !

As well as all these activities, we still found time for a ‘day out’ to visit Langford Lakes (near Steeple Langford), a reserve of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, where the children found and identified a variety of air-, land- and water-based wildlife. The week ended with our customary barbecue, expertly cooked by John Passmore and Fifi, his wife. This was supplemented by food donated by parents and a selection of items baked by the children earlier in the week.

The Organising Team thank all the children for being so well behaved; Mrs. Stokes for enabling us to use the school facilities; Semley Village Hall Committee for letting us take over the hall; and all who so kindly helped before, during, and after the week.

Gerry Purdue