Barts Youth Group - Heatree Adventure

On Monday 19th August 2013, 13 members of Barts Youth Group and 4 adults went to Heatree Activity Centre on Dartmoor for 4 days. That afternoon we left the land for kayaking and raft building, where we made rafts out of barrels, poles and ropes, working in competing teams. We all had great fun and none of us was left dry.

After dinner we went for a scary night walk on Dartmoor where many practical jokes were played. I've never heard a boy scream quite that high before. Over the next few days we all took part in lots of exciting activities like mountain biking, climbing and caving, where the biggest challenge was the Ultimate Squeeze, a small gap in a completely dark cave lit by our head-torches. We also did team building exercises like the low rope adventure course. However there was also lots of down time to recuperate and relax afterwards before dinner.

The meals were delicious and gave us back the energy we needed for the next day. In the evenings we played football, volleyball and hockey, and on our last evening had a campfire that was more like a bonfire which included toasted marshmallows s'mores, hot chocolate and scary stories. We all had a great time.

Thank you to all the Barts team who looked after us (and didn't moan even when they got very wet and muddy), and to the Heatree staff, who were really friendly and always helpful.

By Orla & Seamus Thresh and Joe Donn


Note: there is a video of the event in the article below.