The Summer Week Away 2010

For this yeBarts Sailingar’s summer week of adventurous activities we decided that a challenge was in order!  26 young people from across the Benefice and 6 adults went sailing with the Christian Sail Training organisation ‘Morning Star Trust’. This was a voyage out into the North Sea in some fairly heavy weather conditions. 

Barts - Sailing

Our young people lived on the boat for the whole time and sailed over 200 miles. During their time on board they took turns at steering, putting up sails, cooking, navigating, washing up and scrubbing the decks. Some cooked (and washed up!) for the first time ever. The voyage was a real challenge for everyone on board.  We were up early in the morning and didn’t anchor up until late in the day. Each person was expected to play their full part and to remain on deck for the whole of their watch period – even if it got difficult. The sense of achievement on their faces at having gone through such a challenge was worth every second spent organising the trip.

Discussions were often heard in the main saloon – usually about issues that the young people had brought up during the day. The combination of the shared experience of getting through the day together and the relaxed atmosphere meant that conversation flowed and friendships were formed.  These friendships can now continue to flourish and develop as they meet together monthly from now on.