From the Licensed Lay Minister - 3rd August 2020

lammas loaf sRecently we have been celebrating Lammas, a time when we thank God for providing for our needs, embodied in our “Daily Bread”. The Jewish people celebrated this two thousand years ago as a time to thank God for the first fruits of the harvest, for making their crops grow well so that there would be a plentiful harvest in due course.

It is no bad thing to have a reminder that we owe thanks to God for all the good things in our lives – it’s really easy to just take things for granted and accept them as the norm. Well, perhaps life in the last three or four months has shown us that it is all too easy for the norm to change. Suddenly shops are closed, older people are advised to stay at home and oddest of all, churches have closed their doors.

Now things are creeping back to something resembling life as we knew it, although many restrictions still remain and this gives us even more opportunities to be thankful for the restoration of things we used to take for granted. I cannot explain how thankful I was last Monday to visit my hairdresser, returning home and looking in the mirror, to see me as I remembered, looking back. The strange Old English Sheepdog had gone and I had become my old self again.

It is a pity that it takes something as earth-shattering as a pandemic to make us appreciate the things we used to take for granted. Mindfulness is being promoted as a modern concept - I don’t believe that it is. However, that doesn’t mean that I think it is a bad one. We must learn to live in the moment, to appreciate what we have now, because at any moment it may be taken away and sadly, it is only when it is too late and the moment has passed do we realise that it was the last time we should ever do that thing.

With the opportunity to slow down, live life at a slightly slower pace, don’t let us waste it, experience things differently and remember to thank God for our Daily Bread every day.

Jo Johnson