Visit Of The Bishop Of Salisbury - 18th October 2020

Bishop Nicholas VisitOn 18th October 2020, our Diocesan Bishop, Bishop Nicholas, came to take the normal Communion service at St Mary’s Church, East Knoyle. He had asked to come to a normal service, that we did not make it a special Benefice Service - he just wanted to meet with those who attended the church month by month. It was truly a lovely service. The wardens and sidesmen had made special efforts with extra candles and in the dim October gloom, the candles gave a truly welcoming light and warmth. Our small choir (correct numbers and socially distanced of course) sang beautifully and the organ rang out with joy at being in use again after so many months. It was a gentle, comfortable act of worship by the people and led by a caring and compassionate Bishop, who also preached a very moving sermon on the work of St Luke, the physician Apostle, whose Saint’s day it just happened to be.

As we could not offer refreshments because of COVID-19 restrictions, we missed our normal time for fellowship after the Service, but the Bishop was aware of this and stood talking to each and everyone at the church door, giving his time and spreading warmth of heart and spirit to all.

Thank You Bishop Nicholas.