Donhead St Mary Bellringers - June 2016 Report

Celebrations for the Queen’s 90th Birthday continue, and the weekend of June 11th-12th is the Official Celebration, as you will know. In the last Digest, I wrote about our intention to ring a Peal of 5,040 changes on April 7th. I am pleased to say that we succeeded. The ringers came mainly from outside the parish; they included the Ringing Master, the next President and the Treasurer of the Guild, the Ringing Master of the Salisbury Branch of the Guild, a ringer from Sherborne and myself, who conducted it. It was the first time I have conducted a peal and could not have done it without such an experienced band of ringers to help me along. The quality of the ringing was good, and I hope that all who heard it enjoyed the sound of the bells on this special occasion.

On June the 12th, there will be a national initiative to ring all the bells in the country during the Patrons’ Lunch, that is, between 12 and 2 pm. (It seems to me no ringers have been invited to the Lunch!) As there are other celebrations going on in the village, and as we shall be ringing for the 6 pm Evensong on the same day, we have decided to go for a quarter peal attempt at 5 pm before the service and to dedicate it to the occasion (if we succeed). This time, it will be mainly our own ringers in the band.

Our next local celebration will be ringing for Livi Coward’s wedding on 30th July. In addition to our regular Wednesday practice, we shall be hosting a practice of the local branch on Tuesday evening, 21st of June.

Christopher Sykes