St. Andrew's Church Development Project and Appeal - February 2019 Update

Update On The Building Work

The faulty interior wall plaster, which was holding moisture against the stonework, has been removed and the builders have completed the application of two layers of new breathable lime plaster. The walls are drying at present and then the final layer of coloured lime piaster will be painted on. The colour has been selected after several weeks of trying different colours in different lights.

The building contractors will then clean all the clerestory windows, replace two or three cracked panes of glass and remove dust and cobwebs from the stonework and timbers.

Once high level light fittings have been installed, the scaffold inside the church will be removed and the new limestone floor will be laid. Whilst the scaffolding has been in place, it has provided an opportunity to view the mediaeval stone corbels at close quarters. They are remarkably fine carvings, largely of angels. One of them is completely different; it is the face of a man; we think it may be that of one of the original stonemasons. We are going to photograph all the corbels for a future edition of the history of St Andrew’s Church.

In the last report, we mentioned that a chamber has been discovered beneath die floor of the vestry and boiler house site. It contained an older boiler, which was riddled with very hazardous blue asbestos. This has been dealt with by the specialists. Work has now started on the foundations for building the new extension.

As described in the last report, apart from delaying the project, there have been considerable cost implications from the discovery of asbestos in two additional locations. In total, dealing with asbestos has added about £45,000 to the project budget. But, of course, there is no question but that the work has had to be done as a priority.

Update On The Development Appeal

As a result of the extra costs involved in dealing with the asbestos, we have redoubled our fundraising efforts.

The annual Quiz Supper, masterminded by Michael and Christine York, raised more than £1,000. Our thanks to Michael and Christine. It was a very well-attended evening and great fun. A delicious supper was prepared by members of the Friends Committee; our thanks to them too.

This helped take the total raised in 2018 to £86,000. Which means the total sum raised to date stands at £559,000.

Just under half of this has been raised locally and just over half from Trusts and Foundations. But we still need more, so any further contributions would be much appreciated.

‘Give A Chair’ Appeal

Fifty-four are already funded within the Development Project budget. The plan is to buy a further seventy chairs.

The ‘Give A Chair Appeal was launched in October 2018.

So far, twenty-six chairs have been funded by locals In Memoriam, to mark a birth, baptism, wedding, wedding anniversary' or death or just as a contribution.

Further details about the new chairs and how to give one are to be found on the SACDA website -

Our Next Fundraising Event - ‘Call My Wine Bluff’

Alistair and Juliet Stoker are running this event in the New Remembrance Hall, Charlton on Saturday 9th March 2019.  For more details, click here.

The evening will be great fun so please join us.

The Village Produce Stall

The Stall, selling bulbs, seeds, cuttings and vegetables, opens on 1st March 2019. Do have a regular look at what's on offer as the stock changes daily.

Friends Of St Andrew’s Church Annual General Meeting

This is to be held at Donhead St Mary Village Hall on Saturday 16th March 2019 at 10.00 am. It is open to all members of the Friends and is an opportunity for new Friends to join.

For more information about the Development Project, the Appeal and what else Is going on at St Andrew’s Church, visit

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