St Andrew's Church Development Appeal - December 2018 Update

Update on the Building Work

The replacement of the roof is now complete. Cracked and eroded roof tiles have been replaced and the gutters and downpipes repaired. New insulation has been fitted to replace the faulty insulation, which was holding moisture against the roof timbers. Inside the church, the discovery of widespread asbestos has been dealt with and a new sub-tloor laid. The cabling for the new heating. lighting and sound systems is being fitted at the moment. The faulty interior wall plaster, which held moisture against the stonework. has been removed and the builders are at work re-plastering the interior of the church with breathable lime plaster. The asbestos in the old boiler house flue has been removed and the building then demolished. The Vestry has been taken down. and all the stone conserved for reuse in building the new extension.All of that is good progress.

Now for the bad news. A chamber has been discovered beneath the floor of the Vestry and boiler house site. it contains an older boiler. which is riddled with highly toxic blue asbestos.This will be dealt with by the specialists as soon as possible so that work can start on building the new extension.

We are, at the time of going to press, waiting for a final quotation for the work but the sum involved could be £20,000. In total, the cost of dealing with the asbestos found in the church and associated costs is heading towards £50,000. But, of course, there is no question that the work has to be done.

Update on the Development Appeal

As a result of the extra costs involved in dealing with the asbestos, we are re-doubling our fundraising efforts.

Funds for the Appeal have grown by over £5,000 since the middle of the year. The magnificent sum of £1,160 came from the Village Produce Stall, run by Chris York, with help from Ian Robertson, from March to October of this year. Our thanks to them both for running this and to the many villagers who supplied and bought the good things on the stall.

The very good news is that we have just received a second grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund; this time for £32,000. This takes the total raised this year up to 16th November 2018 to £85,193.

But, we still need more, so any further contributions would be much appreciated.

‘Give a Chair’ Appeal

Fifty-four are already funded within the Development Project budget. The plan is to buy a further seventy chairs. The ‘Give A Chair’ Appeal was launched in October 2018. So far, eighteen chairs have been funded by locals In Memoriam, to mark a birth, baptism, wedding or ‘wedding anniversary or just as a contribution. Further details about the new chairs and how to give one are to be found on the church website.

Future Activities and Events

Quiz Supper - Saturday 1st December 2018

There will be a report on the Quiz Supper, masterminded by Michael York, in due course.

Service of Nine Lessons with Carols - Sunday 23rd December 2018

Click here for more details about this service.

Call My Wine Blufl"- Saturday 9th March 2019

Alistair and Juliet Stoker are running this event in the New Remembrance Hall, Charlton. For those of us who may not be familiar with the idea, it is basically a replay of the very popular TV programme ‘Call My Bluff’; the difference is it’s wine

A group of friends book a table for four or six. To begin with, three white wines are served, one at a time. Three so-called experts try to persuade you what the wine is that you are drinking. You decide. Then the truth is revealed. You get points if you are correct. The same happens later with three red wines.

There will be an interval for supper and a Fine Wine Raffle.

Tickets are going to go on sale in January 2019. T here will be more details on the church Website, on posters and fliers and in the February issue of The Donhead Digest and on this website.

Those of us who have been to one of these evenings before will know just what fun it is. Knowledge of wine is absolutely not required and may even be a disadvantage!

Friends of St Andrews Church Annual General Meeting - Saturday 16th March 2019

This is to be held at Donhead St Mary Village Hall on Saturday 16th. March 2019 at 10.00 am. It is open to all members of the Friends and is an opportunity for new Friends to join.

For more information about the Development Project, the Appeal and what else is going on at Sf Andrew’s Church, visit our website: