Call My Wine Bluff, Charlton - 9th March 2019


Saturday 9th March 2019
New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0PL
6.30 pm

Join us for St Andrew’s version of the iconic television show ‘Call My Bluff'. Instead of guessing the meaning of an obscure word, you are asked to guess what wine you are drinking.

Glass and WineGlass and Wine 2We invite you to make up a table of six. Three white wines are served, one at a time, and three so-called experts try to persuade you what each wine is. You have to decide. Then the truth is revealed and teams get points if they are correct. After the supper interval the same happens with three red wines. If you can’t make up a table of six we can help.

£25 a head to include a glass of Prosecco and nibbles, three white and three red wines to taste, and a hot supper.
From: Alistair and Juliet, telephone 01747 828 789.

A knowledge of wine is absolutely not required and may even be a disadvantage!