St Andrew's Church Development Appeal - April 2018 Update

Progress To Date

St Andrew’s Church PCC now has all the Planning Permissions and Church Faculties in place and has met all the Building Regulations necessary to enable us to start work on the Development Project. The Development Committee has received updated construction costs, which have inevitably increased due to the various delays we have experienced over the life of the Project. These cost increases have been in line with expectations and had been included in the Committee‘s forward projections.


In 2017, £191,950 was added to Appeal funds. In January and February 2018, a further £11,939 was raised from various sources. In total, we now have approximately £585,000 of funding available, including the sum recoverable from the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s VAT Recovery Fund for church projects such as this one.

Recent PCC Decisions

At its February 2018 meeting, the PCC, on the basis of the information above, unanimously voted to begin to implement the Development Project:

  1. To remove the organ for restoration.
  2. To put the church contents and furnishings into a commercial storage unit.
  3. To remove the pews and floorboards in preparation for stripping out the asbestos insulation in the pipework under the pews in the Nave, in the Chancel and in the boiler house.
  4. To re-roof the church, including the provision of new insulation.

This will then lead into the rest of the Project as further funds are released.

Future Fundraising

The PCC and the Friends Committee have also agreed the following:

  1. To continue to approach Trusts and Foundations to seek the remaining funds required.
  2. To continue to run a programme of fundraising events and activities in 2018 for the community’s participation and enjoyment.
  3. To launch, once work begins on site, a second appeal amongst villagers, former villagers and other supporters to raise the remaining funds. The total amount required will be made known at that point on the basis of the funds raised and the cost of delivering the project.
  4. To launch in June 2018 the ‘Give a chair In Memoriam’ Appeal to fund the new chairs.


The Rev'd Richard Warhurst
Simon Cooper
George Lisle
Michael Hockney
Church Warden
Chairman, Development Committee
Chairman, Friends Committee