St Andrew’s Church Development Appeal - April 2016 Update

Update On The Development Project

The tender responses for the main contract have now been received by the Project architect, Brian Watts. Brian is working closely with the Development Committee to assess the detail of the tender responses. It is planned to bring an initial report and recommendations to the PCC at its April 2016 meeting.

Recent Fundraising Events

The illustrated talk on Saturday 13th February by Oliver Everett CVO on ’Windsor Castle — Past and Present’ was fascinating. It included the impact of the fire at the castle and the exemplary renovations that followed, and was supported by superb and rarely seen images. Over 70 villagers and people from further afield were treated to a wonderful evening, which raised £1000 for the Development Appeal.

Update On The Development Appeal

We ended 2015 with funds totalling £215,000. By the end of February 2016, that figure has risen to £233,000 as a result of the generosity of village families, further grants from Trusts and Foundations and the proceeds of the February talk. 

Forthcoming Fundraising Events

Illustrated Talk

Saturday 16th April 2016
7.30pm at St Andrew's Church

This talk on ’Stonehenge’ by Julian Richards, one of Britain's leading experts on Stonehenge, will give us fascinating insights into its history and why it was built. There will also be the opportunity to discuss with the speaker how the entire Stonehenge site as a World Monument should be developed and protected in the future. Buy your tickets now - click here for more details.

Village Produce Stall

The Village Produce Stall, run by Chris York, is now open once again at Crossrivers, selling seeds, plants, bulbs, vegetables, eggs, fruit and flowers. Chris will always be grateful for offers of produce to sell on the stall.

Michael Hockney
Chairman, The Friends of St Andrew's Church