Call My Wine Bluff, Charlton - 9th March 2019


Saturday 9th March 2019
New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0PL
6.30 pm

Join us for St Andrew’s version of the iconic television show ‘Call My Bluff'. Instead of guessing the meaning of an obscure word, you are asked to guess what wine you are drinking.

Glass and WineGlass and Wine 2We invite you to make up a table of six. Three white wines are served, one at a time, and three so-called experts try to persuade you what each wine is. You have to decide. Then the truth is revealed and teams get points if they are correct. After the supper interval the same happens with three red wines. If you can’t make up a table of six we can help.

£25 a head to include a glass of Prosecco and nibbles, three white and three red wines to taste, and a hot supper.
From: Alistair and Juliet, telephone 01747 828 789.

A knowledge of wine is absolutely not required and may even be a disadvantage!


Quiz Supper, Donhead St Andrew - 1st December 2018


Annual Village Quiz Supper

Quizmaster: Michael York


Saturday 1st December 2018


New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0LP

6.30 pm

Licensed Bar - Fine Wine Raffle

Make up a team of four to six - individual places also available

 Tickets - in advance only: £10.00 and £5.00 for those in full-time education - includes supper
- from Elizabeth (telephone: 01747 828201) or Jane (telephone: 01747 828279).

In aid of the St Andrew's Church Development appeal


St Andrew's Church Development Appeal - December 2018 Update

Update on the Building Work

The replacement of the roof is now complete. Cracked and eroded roof tiles have been replaced and the gutters and downpipes repaired. New insulation has been fitted to replace the faulty insulation, which was holding moisture against the roof timbers. Inside the church, the discovery of widespread asbestos has been dealt with and a new sub-tloor laid. The cabling for the new heating. lighting and sound systems is being fitted at the moment. The faulty interior wall plaster, which held moisture against the stonework. has been removed and the builders are at work re-plastering the interior of the church with breathable lime plaster. The asbestos in the old boiler house flue has been removed and the building then demolished. The Vestry has been taken down. and all the stone conserved for reuse in building the new extension.All of that is good progress.

Now for the bad news. A chamber has been discovered beneath the floor of the Vestry and boiler house site. it contains an older boiler. which is riddled with highly toxic blue asbestos.This will be dealt with by the specialists as soon as possible so that work can start on building the new extension.

We are, at the time of going to press, waiting for a final quotation for the work but the sum involved could be £20,000. In total, the cost of dealing with the asbestos found in the church and associated costs is heading towards £50,000. But, of course, there is no question that the work has to be done.

Update on the Development Appeal

As a result of the extra costs involved in dealing with the asbestos, we are re-doubling our fundraising efforts.

Funds for the Appeal have grown by over £5,000 since the middle of the year. The magnificent sum of £1,160 came from the Village Produce Stall, run by Chris York, with help from Ian Robertson, from March to October of this year. Our thanks to them both for running this and to the many villagers who supplied and bought the good things on the stall.

The very good news is that we have just received a second grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund; this time for £32,000. This takes the total raised this year up to 16th November 2018 to £85,193.

But, we still need more, so any further contributions would be much appreciated.

‘Give a Chair’ Appeal

Fifty-four are already funded within the Development Project budget. The plan is to buy a further seventy chairs. The ‘Give A Chair’ Appeal was launched in October 2018. So far, eighteen chairs have been funded by locals In Memoriam, to mark a birth, baptism, wedding or ‘wedding anniversary or just as a contribution. Further details about the new chairs and how to give one are to be found on the church website.

Future Activities and Events

Quiz Supper - Saturday 1st December 2018

There will be a report on the Quiz Supper, masterminded by Michael York, in due course.

Service of Nine Lessons with Carols - Sunday 23rd December 2018

Click here for more details about this service.

Call My Wine Blufl"- Saturday 9th March 2019

Alistair and Juliet Stoker are running this event in the New Remembrance Hall, Charlton. For those of us who may not be familiar with the idea, it is basically a replay of the very popular TV programme ‘Call My Bluff’; the difference is it’s wine

A group of friends book a table for four or six. To begin with, three white wines are served, one at a time. Three so-called experts try to persuade you what the wine is that you are drinking. You decide. Then the truth is revealed. You get points if you are correct. The same happens later with three red wines.

There will be an interval for supper and a Fine Wine Raffle.

Tickets are going to go on sale in January 2019. T here will be more details on the church Website, on posters and fliers and in the February issue of The Donhead Digest and on this website.

Those of us who have been to one of these evenings before will know just what fun it is. Knowledge of wine is absolutely not required and may even be a disadvantage!

Friends of St Andrews Church Annual General Meeting - Saturday 16th March 2019

This is to be held at Donhead St Mary Village Hall on Saturday 16th. March 2019 at 10.00 am. It is open to all members of the Friends and is an opportunity for new Friends to join.

For more information about the Development Project, the Appeal and what else is going on at Sf Andrew’s Church, visit our website:


St Andrew's Church Development Appeal - December 2017 Update

The Development Appeal

2017 has been a very successful year for fundraising; in fact, the best year since the Appeal was launched in 2012. As at 11th November 2017, over £170,000 has been raised so far this year.

Funds have come from generous villagers and former villagers. from events and activities run by the Friends, from members of the Friends‘ subscriptions and from Trusts and Foundations. The PCC has also made a second contribution from its Fabric Reserves.

The total raised now stands at £450,000, which, with approximately £100,000 of VAT to be recovered under the Chancellor of the Exchequers scheme, takes the total available to £550,000.

The Development Project

Together. the cost of the urgent repairs to St Andrew’s Church and the cost of the original project for improvements in the existing church building and the addition of a new extension to add much-needed resources is estimated at £640,000 including VAT.

So there is still some way to go in terms of raising the remaining sum. Applications have gone out to a number of Trusts and Foundations over the months since the PCC received the Faculty.

St Andrews PCC has made the decision to go ahead with as much of the Project as is affordable at the time of signing the contract, in order to avoid any further increases in building and materials costs. Even if all the work is not done because sufficient funds are not raised, the church building itself will still be returned complete and fully usable at the end of the Project.

St Andrew's Church will be closed from Monday 11th December 2017 in preparation for building work beginning early in 2018. It is expected that the Development Project will take eight months to complete.

The Final Service Before Closing

Everyone is invited to attend the final service before St Andrew‘s closes which will be a Parish Communion at 9.30 am on Sunday 10th December 2017. It‘s a service for the whole community, including young people.

It will be an occasion for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for the successful outcome of six years of the Appeal and also an opportunity to wish John Jeffery a happy 90th birthday. As everyone will know, John has had a life-long involvement in St Andrews Church, following in the footsteps of other members of the Jeffery Family for over a century and a half.

The service will be followed by refreshments and a celebration cake.

The Festival Of Nine Lessons With Carols

The traditional family carol service by candlelight will take place on Sunday 17th December 2017 at 4.30 pm with choir and organ. As St Andrew’s Church will be closed, the service will be held at St Mary’s Church, Donhead St Mary.


George Lisle
St Andrew's Church Development Committee
Michael Hockney
The Friends of St Andrew's Church

St Andrew’s Church Development Project And Appeal - October 2018 Update

Building Progess

Everyone will now be aware that building work is underway and is making good progress. The first task, invisible from outside the church, was to remove the asbestos. The asbestos turned out to be more extensive than was originally thought; this has slowed down the project and added to the budget but, of course, it all had to be removed before further work could take place inside the church. In the meantime, the contractors have been working on the roof; the new insulation is now in place and the re-tiling of the roof is almost complete. In the coming weeks the contractors will be working inside the church as well as starting to prepare the groundworks for the new extension. The preparation for the new heated floor is well under way.

The organ is away being cleaned and renovated. Soon, work will start on constructing the new west end screen and the new communion kneeling rail. The first order of interlocking oak chairs will be placed very soon.


As at the end of September 2018, the total sum raised stands at just over £522,500 including the recent receipt of a grant from The Big Lottery Awards For All.

Fundraising continues with the annual Quiz Supper on 1st December 2018, with Michael York in the chair as Quiz Master. For further details, click here.

sacda logo m

Talk - ‘King George IV - the Greatest Royal Collector of Art’ - 3rd June 2018

george iv

King George IV - the Greatest Royal Collector of Art

An Illustrated talk by

Oliver Everett CVO
Librarian Emeritus, The Royal Household

Sunday 3rd June 2018

At New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0PL

Reception with wine and canapés: 6.00 pm
Talk: 6.45 pm

Fine Wine Raffle

Tickets - including canapés and wine: £20.00 and £6.00 for those in full-time education - from from Elizabeth (tel: 01747 828201), Jane (tel: 01747 828279) or Ludwell Stores.

Oliver has given two highly entertaining talks already, and so well received were they, that he has been invited to give another, this time on King George IV.

In aid of the St Andrew's Church Development Appeal


Quiz Supper, Donhead St Andrew - 2nd December 2017


Annual Village Quiz Supper

Quizmaster: Michael York


Saturday 2nd December 2017


New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, SP7 0LP

6.30 pm for 7.00 pm

Licensed Bar Fine Wine Raffle Friends Stall

Make up a team of four to six - individual places also available

 Tickets - in advance only: £10.00 and £5.00 for those in full-time education - includes supper - from Elizabeth (telephone: 01747 828201) or Jane (telephone: 01747 828279).

In aid of the St Andrew's Church Development appeal


St Andrew's Church Fete, Donhead St Andrew - 27th August 2018

fete bunting s

St Andrew's Church All-Weather Fete

Bank Holiday Monday, 27th August 2018
1.00 pm to 4.30 pm


Stoney Hills Field, Sans Lane, Donhead St Andrew, SP7 9LL

by kind permission of the Jeffrey Family

BBQ - Beer & Cider - Tea & Cakes
Pony Rides - Duck Shoot - Smash the Crockery
Family Fun & Sideshows
Books - Collectables & Bric-a-Brac - Cakes - Clothes & Shoes
Pictures - Plants - Preserves - Toys & Gifts
St Andrew's Church Friends’ Stall
Bottle Tombola - The Big Raffle - Silent Auction

Bell Street Jazz Band

Classic & Vintage Car and Bike Show Show

Live Auction

St Andrew’s Annual Dog Show

You can find more detailed information about the Fete on the
St Andrew's Church Development Appeal website by clicking here.

Please do come along and join in the fun!

Raising funds for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Tisbus, Donhead Happy Gathering Club and St Andrew's Church



Collectables & Bric-a-Brac
All items please by 17th August - contact Margaret, telephone: 01747 828761

Please make a cake, scones, pies, savouries, biscuits & fudge. Will collect - contact Juliet, telephone 01747 828395

Jams, marmalade and chutneys welcomed. Also cookery books - contact Liz, telephone 01747 828685

We’re after plants, fruit, vegetables, tied bunches, pots & vases, tools & gardening books - contact Ian, telephone 01747 828611

Paintings, prints, drawings, frames, sculptures & art books - contact Lynda, telephone 01747 829678, or Elizabeth, telephone 828833

Books including children's books, but not dictionaries, manuals or text books, by 24th August - contact John & Jane, telephone 01747 828279

Toys, Games & Gifts
Including DVDs, CDs & records. Please deliver ASAP - contact Michael and Chris, telephone 01747 828739

Clean good-as-new clothes, shoes & accessories by 17th August - contact Michael, telephone 01747 828833

Bottle Tombola
Bottles of wine, champagne and spirits much appreciated - contact Alastair, telephone 01747 828789

Silent Auction
Offers of lots please by 17th August - contact Elizabeth, telephone 01747 828833

St Andrew's Church Development Appeal - April 2018 Update

Progress To Date

St Andrew’s Church PCC now has all the Planning Permissions and Church Faculties in place and has met all the Building Regulations necessary to enable us to start work on the Development Project. The Development Committee has received updated construction costs, which have inevitably increased due to the various delays we have experienced over the life of the Project. These cost increases have been in line with expectations and had been included in the Committee‘s forward projections.


In 2017, £191,950 was added to Appeal funds. In January and February 2018, a further £11,939 was raised from various sources. In total, we now have approximately £585,000 of funding available, including the sum recoverable from the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s VAT Recovery Fund for church projects such as this one.

Recent PCC Decisions

At its February 2018 meeting, the PCC, on the basis of the information above, unanimously voted to begin to implement the Development Project:

  1. To remove the organ for restoration.
  2. To put the church contents and furnishings into a commercial storage unit.
  3. To remove the pews and floorboards in preparation for stripping out the asbestos insulation in the pipework under the pews in the Nave, in the Chancel and in the boiler house.
  4. To re-roof the church, including the provision of new insulation.

This will then lead into the rest of the Project as further funds are released.

Future Fundraising

The PCC and the Friends Committee have also agreed the following:

  1. To continue to approach Trusts and Foundations to seek the remaining funds required.
  2. To continue to run a programme of fundraising events and activities in 2018 for the community’s participation and enjoyment.
  3. To launch, once work begins on site, a second appeal amongst villagers, former villagers and other supporters to raise the remaining funds. The total amount required will be made known at that point on the basis of the funds raised and the cost of delivering the project.
  4. To launch in June 2018 the ‘Give a chair In Memoriam’ Appeal to fund the new chairs.


The Rev'd Richard Warhurst
Simon Cooper
George Lisle
Michael Hockney
Church Warden
Chairman, Development Committee
Chairman, Friends Committee

St Andrew's Church Development Appeal - October 2017 Update

Appeal Update

Following the granting of a Faculty by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Salisbury in May 2017, the Friends Committee set about writing applications to those Trusts and Foundations that required us to have the Faculty before we could apply. These included a number of Trusts which could potentially give substantial grants. The Committee also wrote to Trusts which allowed a second application in a situation where all the required funds had not been raised. All these applications were completed by the end of July 2017.

In July, we were delighted to receive a second grant, of £5,000, from the Allchurches Trust. Then, in late August came the news that the Heritage Lottery Fund had awarded us a grant of £67,600 - 100% of what we had asked for. The Committee is very grateful to the Allchurches Trust and to the HLF and to all Lottery players for these grants.

With these two grants included, that takes the sum raised as at the 9th September 2017 to £402,000.

The PCC, Development Committee and Friends Committee now await the outcome of the applications to the remaining Trusts and Foundations.

Forthcoming Fundraising Events And Activities

The Village Produce Stall

The stall is open every day until the end of October at Crossrivers and sells a variety of plants, cuttings, seeds, fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Do have a regular look at what’s on offer as the stock changes daily. Chris (tel: 01747 828759) welcomes any contributions for the stall.

Later in the year……..

there will be the very popular Quiz Supper and ‘Call My Wine Bluff’, an evening of wine tasting with three expert bluffers.

Development Appeal Website

The Development Appeal website is regularly updated with the latest news about Appeal events and activities, the funds raised and the architects drawings for the Project. There is also a short video which gives an impression of what the church will look like once the project has been completed.

You can find the Website at

Our thanks to everyone in the village for their tremendous support.

George Lisle
St Andrew's Church Development Committee
Michael Hockney
The Friends of St Andrew's Church

St Andrew's Church Development Appeal - August 2017 Update

Update On The Development Project

On 30th May 2017 the Chancellor of the Diocese of Salisbury granted St Andrew’s Church PCC a Faculty for the Development Project at St Andrew’s Church, approving all the proposals set out by the PCC in its Petition to the Chancellor.

This brings to a conclusion the lengthy process that began in May 2016 when the PCC submitted the final plans for the Development Project to the Diocesan Advisory Committee. The DAC approved the plans without alteration in December 2016, which meant that the PCC was then free to petition the Chancellor for a Faculty. The Petition was lodged in January 2017.

We have now completed the planning and approval stages of the Development Project; another milestone which moves St Andrew’s Church ever closer to completing the Development Project.

Fundraising Update

Once the Faculty had been granted the Friends Committee was free to make applications to Trusts and Foundations that require a Faculty to be in place before those Trusts and Foundations will consider an application for a grant. The Friends Committee began writing those applications in early June with a view to them all being completed and submitted by the end of July.

Forthcoming Fundraising Events And Activities

The programme of fundraising and social events will continue from October 2017.

The Village Produce Stall

The stall is open every day at Crossrivers and sells a variety of plants, cuttings, seeds, vegetables, fruit and cut flowers. Do have a regular look at what’s on offer as the stock changes daily. If you have plants, cuttings, seeds, fruit, flowers or vegetables to contribute, Chris  (telephone: 01747 828739) will be delighted to receive them.

St Andrew’s Church’s Development Appeal Website And Exhibition

Do go on line and have a look at the new website; you can find it at If you would like to see the architect’s impression of what the church will look likeafter the Development Project is completed, there is a short video to look at which you can access via the website.

There is an exhibition in St Andrew’s Church which contains the architects plans and elevations and details of the new furnishings and furniture. Do pop in to have a look.

George Lisle
St Andrew's Church Development Committee
Michael Hockney
The Friends of St Andrew's Church