Christmas Eve 2020 Crib Service - St John's Church, Charlton

NativityThe Christmas Eve Crib Service, starting at 3.00 pm, is going to have to be very different this year. We can't have the wonderful chaos of small children wandering all over the church and it is going to be more difficult to organise costumes and props. We just have to adapt to changed circumstances. I expect much of the action to be brought into church with Zoom so that for the most part the congregation will watch on the screen what others see on line.

I have compiled a simple script which splits the story up into several scenes. My hope is that our main families with children will each take care of one scene from the story. You could pre-record your contribution on a phone and send it to me to screen in the service, You could broadcast live on Zoom from home on Christmas Eve.

Your scene could be acted in makeshift costume, done with simple stick puppets or with figures from a crib set, or could simply be a family story time with all of you sitting on the sofa and reading.

All the details and any technical support can be ironed out in the next week or so, but I just need to know if you will be willing and able to take part. With the pre-record option you don't even have to be free on Christmas Eve!

There will also be simple roles for a couple of families in the church if you don't fancy taking on part of the story.

Please, please let me know asap if you are up for this. I can then finalise the script depending on the forces I have available. To send me an email, click here and when the new page opens, click on the ‘Contact Form’ tab to send me your message.

Finally, the number of seats available for those attending the service will be limited in order to maintain social distancing. If you plan to come to the service, please contact the Churchwarden, Tony Gowers, to book your places. To send Tony an email, click here and when the new page opens, click on the ‘Contact Form’ tab to send him your message. Seats will be allocated on first-come first-served basis.


The Zoom details for this service are as follows: Meeting ID: 287 295 5220   Passcode: 175430

The service sheet for the service can be downloaded and/or printed by clicking here.

Bob Thackray