Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - August 2018

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Prayers of the Month

This little prayer is by Gail Ricciuti:

For all things bright and beautiful,
For all things dark and mysterious and lovely.
For all things green and growing and strong,
For all things weak and struggling to push life up through rocky earth.
For all human faces, hearts, minds and hands which surround us,
And for all non human minds and hearts paws and claws, fins and wings,
For this life and the life of this world,
For all that You have laid before us O God,
We lay our thankful hearts before You,
In Christ’s Name. Amen

And this little Prayer from a book of Infant prayers, which somehow can apply to all of us no matter what age we are:

When I wake up in the morning,
Thank you God for being there.
When I come to school each day,
Thank You God for being there.
When I am playing with my friends
Thank You God for being there,
And when I go to bed at night,
Thank You God for being there.