2016 Pilgrimage to Greece in The Steps of St Paul

Through Greece With Saint Paul And His Legacy In 2016

St PaulSaint Paul landed at Neapolis (modern Kavala) in around 50AD, and with him Christianity made its first hesitant steps into Europe.

In May 2016 I will be leading a group of around 30 on pilgrimage tracing Paul's travels in Greece from Neapolis, through Philippi, Thessalonika, and Berea in the north, and then following him on to Athens and Corinth. In some places we will stand where he stood, and see what he saw. As we journey we will discover something of his legacy in the form of the life, work and worship of the Greek Orthodox Church, as well as the monastic tradition that has grown up in that region (not least when we visit the incredible and amazing Meteora Monasteries perched as high as 400 metres up on cliff-like rock formations . We will also dip into the culture which Paul encountered and the history of the nation.

As with any pilgrimage, we will, of course, enrich our experiences from time to time with appropriate and relevant scripture readings and prayers, and hopefully some spiritual insights. This can be an interesting and thought provoking sequel to previous visits to the Holy Land, but equally as a stand-alone experience. Our journey begins early on 18th May 2016 and we return late on 27th May 2016.

I will be happy to provide anyone with a brochure and further information. Please get in touch with me by telephone on 01747 853637. Alternatively, you can send me an email from this website - click on here and when the new window opens, click on the heading 'Contact Form', and fill in the form to send your message.

Ven. John Holliman