Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - December 2018

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Sometimes it is easy to think that Prayer does not achieve anything, that it is just saying things into an empty, silent space where no one is listening. But, this year there have been some remarkable positive answers to our prayers. We have known those who have recovered from illness and others who have had so much longer with their loved ones than the doctor's thought possible. Those who have found an inner peace and the ability to face their troubles and those who have found new friends and new interests to make life seem worthwhile again.

Of course, sometimes we have not had the answers we would have liked, sometimes we have wondered "Why?" But we in the Prayer Group do believe Prayer makes a difference and we do feel honoured when you approach any one of us and ask us to pray.

Prayer of the Month

This Prayer is inspiring us to look at the past year and pray for the new year to come as we think of the virtues of Saints who followed God all their lives.

You might even get the children to go to the Library and look up some of these Saints as a Christmas Project!

Heavenly Father,
Help us to follow the example of Alden the patient one.
May we walk in the steps of Cuthbert, the gentle one.
Give us the grace to tread the path of Hilda, the wise one.
Encourage us to live as Chad, the willing one.
May we journey on the Pilgrim Way as Cedd, the travelling one.