Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - September 2018

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There are two prayers this month, very different but both about forgiveness.

The first is by the poet Christina Rossetti:

O Lord Jesus, because, being full of foolishness,
we often sin and have to ask pardon,
help us to forgive as we would be forgiven,
neither mentioning old offences committed against us,
nor dwelling on them in thought.
nor being ifluenced by them in heart.
But loving our brother freely,
as You have freely loved us.
For Your Name's sake.  Amen.

Here is modern prayer from the heart by someone called Nancy Martin:

Dear God, I find it so hard to forgive those who are unkind to me,
Or those who blame me for the things which are not my fault.
I go on bearing a grudge even when they try to make up.
It makes me feel bitter and hard.
I know this is wrong.
When Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive,
Jesus just gave an impossible number,
meaning go on and on forgiving.
Jesus even prayed for his persecutors from the Cross.
Please help me to be more like him.  Amen