Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - October 2018

Although we do not meet regularly just now there are still several of us who are committed to praying regularly for those in need; so please do continue to give us your requests - to Julia (tel: 01747 829166), The Rev’d June (tel: 01747 828427), Theresa (tel: 01747 829188), or The Rev’d Richard (tel: 01747 830174).

Prayer Of The Month

it is Harvest time now so this poem/prayer seems appropriate.
It was written by Marie Williams.


For Harvest Moon,
And leaves of Gold,
For Autumn beauty.
I give You thanks.
For gentle rains
For sunny days
For misty mornings
For fields of Hay.
I give You thanks.
For Dreams fulfilled
For peace and hope
Abundant grace
You've bestowed.
I give You thanks.
For answered prayer
And tears You've wiped
For restful sleep
All through the night.
I give You thanks. 

For seeds to sow
And open doors
For all of these
And so much more.
I give You thanks.  Amen