Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - November 2018

Please keep the prayer requests coming to Julia (tel: 01747 829166), The Rev’d June (tel: 01747 828427), Theresa (tel: 101747 829188), or the Rev’d Richard (tel: 01747 830174). There are many of us in need of that extra help and comfort that comes from knowing someone is praying for us.

Prayer Of The Month

This little Prayer is adapted from one written by a Christian living in New Guinea. It is a simple but heartfelt prayer which is well worth making our own.

Dear Heavenly Father, as Advent approaches we should all try the key to our heart's door. The hinges may have gathered some rust during the year.

Now is just the time to oil those hinges so that my heart's door may open more easily when Jesus comes knocking at Christmas time.

Dear Heavenly Father, please oil the hinges of my heart's door that it may swing open gently and easily and really welcome the coming of Your Son, Jesus.