Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - April 2018

The Prayer Cycle continues to pray for anyone in need - please let us have your prayer requests: Contact us: Julia (tel: 01747 829166), The Rev’d June (tel: 01747 828427) or The Rev’d Richard (tel: 01747 830174).

We all have friends. This Prayer is about our relationship with them and with God.

We have friends. Thank you for them Lord.
But some of them forget us as we forget them, but You never do.
Sometimes we are unkind to each other, but You never are unkind.
Some of our friendships are fickle, best friends one day, but almost enemies the next.
Our relationship with You is not like that, it is with someone who is always the same, always there, always reliable, constant and unchanging.
Thank You Lord that You are my friend, true, unfailing, always just there.