Benefice Services & Events

This section of the web site describes the services and events which have been arranged for the whole Benefice.

Benefice News - 7th August 2020

Church News

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A copy of this week’s Church News can be found here. In addition to news, the document gives full details of all of our services during weekdays, as well as those this coming Sunday and the following Sunday. Do join in with everything that appeals to you.

Sunday 9th August 2020 - Ninth Sunday after Trinity

The services planned for Sunday 9th August will all take place in our churches, and some will be streamed over the Internet using Zoom. Details are shown in the right hand margin of this webpage and on the Benefice calendar here.

We hope that you are able to participate in one or more of the varied acts of worship that have been planned, either in church or on Zoom.

Benefice Administrator Leave

The Benefice Administrator, Jo, is on leave from Monday 17th August to Wednesday 19th August inclusive. Rev’d Kevin will be available for urgent pastoral issues on Tuesday 18th August but will then be off duty until Thursday 3rd September. For urgent pastoral issues during Wednesday 19th August and Wednesday 2nd September please contact The Rev’d Dr Graham Southgate, the Rural Dean, on 01722 714 826.

Churches Opening for Public Worship

We are delighted that our church buildings are open once again for pubic worship. We will be following Government and Church of England Guidance. Currently the main points are:

  • We will maintain 2 metres social distancing (outside of our household group) in our church buildings and whilst waiting to enter the building.
  • Anybody who is feeling unwell should not enter the church building but should return home and seek medical advice in severe cases.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available as we enter the building and have to be used by all entering. Each church will have separate procedures with clear instructions.
  • As you enter the church building you will be asked to provide your name and contact details which will be kept securely for 21 days.
  • Our services will not include the singing of hymns although we may have live music played on the organ or other (non wind) instruments or some recorded material.
  • We shall not share the peace physically with each other.
  • We shall not shout or speak in a raised voice so as to avoid extending aerosol spray.
  • We will also ensure high contact areas in the church building are sanitised before each service.
  • We are sorry we cannot offer refreshments until further notice.
  • We shall enter and leave the building when instructed to do so whilst maintaining social distancing.
  • At communion services, those receiving communion will say ‘Amen’ collectively and will then receive communion under one kind only in silence. The priest distributing communion will wear a face mask.

The guidance states, “At present, communion should be administered in one kind only with no sharing of the common cup. The president alone should always take the wine, consuming all that has been consecrated; other communicants should receive the bread only, in the hand. As the Liturgical and Faith and Order Commissions have made clear, this is still ‘complete communion’. In order to minimise overall risk, intinction (dipping the bread into the wine) should not be practised.”

“The priest should sanitise his/her hands before administering the bread. Each communicant should also be encouraged to sanitise their hands before receiving the bread.”

Important: we need to know the number of people who are intending to come to our public services each week. Please let either the Churchwarden, The Rev’d Kevin or Jo our Administrator know if you are intending to come to a service the following Sunday. If you don’t let us know, we may need to turn you away at the church door if we have reached our capacity according to Government and Church of England guidelines. We really want to ensure all those who wish to come to a service are able to attend one.

Churches Opening During the Week

Some of our church buildings will be open at specified times throughout the coming week. Details of the opening days and times for each church are shown below:

  • St Andrew’s Church, Donhead St Andrew: Tuesday and Friday: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • St Mary's Church, East Knoyle: Wednesday: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon; Saturday: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
  • St Leonard’s Church, Semley: Sunday and Wednesday: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

These details may change as we gain experience of our ‘new normal’, so please check this page from week to week for the latest information.


Sunday Services

With many services now being held in our churches on Sundays and most being ‘Zoomed’ at the same time, we require more than one ‘Zoom room' to enable us to Zoom two services from different churches simultaneously. Details of each ‘Zoom room' are shown below.

Important: please ensure that you check in the right hand margin of the this page the Zoom details of the service in which you wish to participate before joining the service.

Zoom 1

Either click on this link, and then use the password shown:
Password: 867689

Or log on using the Zoom app, and use this ID and password:
Meeting ID: 868 2071 9578
Password: 867689

You can also participate dialling in by telephone to one of these phone numbers: 0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240.

Zoom 2

Either click on this link, and then use the password shown:
Password: 175430

Or log on using the Zoom app, and use this ID and password:
Meeting ID: 287 295 5220
Password: 175430

You can also participate dialling in by telephone to one of these phone numbers: 0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240.

Zoom 3

Either click on this link, and then use the password shown:

Password: 549440

Or log on using the Zoom app, and use this ID and password:
Meeting ID: 896 8147 8089
Passcode: 549440

You can also participate by dialling in by telephone to one of these phone numbers: 0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240.

Click here for more guidance on how to join a Zoom meeting.

Prayer Cycle and Prayer of the Month - August 2020

We continue to pray as usual so please do keep your requests, news and thanks coming. Contact any of us: The Rev’d June (tel: 01747 828427), Julia (tel: 01747 829166), Theresa (tel: 01747 829188) or the Rev’d Kevin (tel: 01747 828551).

Prayer Of The Month

As we look forward to new adventures with all that is happening with COVID and different ways of 'doing' church, this little prayer may help us to move forward more confidently knowing God is with us.

Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God
teach us to walk in Your way more trustfully,
to accept Your truth more faithfully,
and to share Your life more lovingly.
By the power of the Holy Spirit
guide us in our word for your Church,
so that we may become as one family,
wanting only to serve you and our community.

Benefice Pastoral Visiting Team

We have a trained team of visitors, both ordained and lay, who are available to visit anyone who would like a visit, a chat or some company

For more details, please telephone Sandra, the Pastoral Visiting Team Co-ordinator, on 01747 830 471.

Benefice Choir

singing choir sThe Benefice Choir is based at St Andrew's Church, Donhead St Andrew, but membership is drawn from across the Benefice. The Choir sings for six services a year and rehearses on the four Fridays before each service. Since its inception, it has grown to around eighteen adult singers. The repertoire is wide-ranging from early music to living composers.


Prayer Circle

Praying HandsThe Prayer Circle meets about every six weeks for one to one-and-a-half hours hours. Our meeting starts with a Prayer, a Bible Reading and some thoughts on the text. Then we review the Prayer List and bring it up to date. We end with a short Prayer and the Grace. We have tea and coffee so that we are sharing in every way. Our commitment is that we all pray regularly for the people on our list. One of us takes the annotated Prayer List home and updates it for the coming period of time.

Each month, we ask for information of need in the Parish Magazine. We also furnish The Prayer of the Month item for the Parish Magazine with a note of why the particular prayer was chosen. On occasions, we publish an extra article in the magazine and, with the person's permission, we tell of answers to prayer.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Prayer Circle, wish to join the group, or would like to submit a prayer request to the Circle, please contact Rev'd June, telephone 01747 828427. Alternatively, you can send Rev'd June an email from this website - to send the email, click here and when the new page opens, select the 'Contact Form' tab, and then complete the form.

Benefice Monthly Magazine - 'Parish News'

parish news sNews and events from around the Benefice of St Bartholomew are published in the monthly magazine 'Parish News'. If you wish to write a piece for the magazine or submit an advert for the publication, please contact the Editor, Suzanne, telephone 01747 830456. If you prefer, you can send an email via this web site to the Editor - click here to open the contact form to send the email.


Articles must be with the Editor by 23rd of each month to ensure publication in the following month's edition.

Partnership between Chalke Deanery and Diocese of Cueibet, South Sudan

Partnerership Logo
The Benefice of St Bartholomew is part of the Chalke Deanery. In 2012, the Deanery established a partnership with the Diocese of Cueibet, one of the Dioceses in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. Click here to learn more about this Partnership, and find out about the visit to Cueibet made in November 2014 by a team of five people from the Deanery, including our former Curate, Rev'd Alice Goodall.